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About Us

Nextage M3 Realty is a residential & commercial real estate broker offering real estate transaction representation. The broker/owner, Meiling Kravarik, originally founded M3 Realty Inc. in 1989 as a one person company. Over the years, Meiling has become a household name and has successful grown her company to more than 50 agents. Most recently in 2011, M3 Realty Inc. affiliated with the national real estate franchise company, Nextage Realty International, LLC. The partnership expands M3 Realty’s business opportunity and provides its agents with more systems, training and coaching. At Nextage M3 Realty, the culture and core values from its history still survive today. Our approach is simple – Our clients’ interest is our number one priority. We conduct business with the utmost integrity, transparency and professionalism.

Vision Statement

To create a company where our team is empowered to build a successful business that enhances their lives. As our name suggests, we will lead the way to the “next age” of real estate with a culture and business model that other brokerages will be measured against.

Mission Statement

To provide coaching, training and tools focused on empowering our agents to deliver the best experience. We put our clients’ interest first and strive to create memorable relationships that last well beyond the transaction.

Core Values


Trust – Trust is the most important part of a relationship with our clients.

Education – We aim to master our profession by learning new skills, training and developing our skills. We never settle for just average.

Respect – We respect each person’s unique talents, diverse life and work styles. We work a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.

Responsibility – We take responsibility for our own outcome. The office and its agents are accountable to each other.

Invest – We invest in ourselves, our relationships and our business which are crucial to continued growth and success.

Fun – We work very hard, but we don’t forget to have fun and enjoy life.

Innovative – We think of new or better ways to deliver the best service to our clients. We anticipate and use change to our advantage.

Charity/Community – We give back and support our community and charitable organizations.

Our Services

Residential Sales & Leasing - We are a full service real estate brokerage firm that provides representation for sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. We have agents that specialize in working with first time home buyers, investors and rentals.

Commercial Sales & Leasing – Our agents in our commercial division are specially train in commercial real estate. Whether you are looking to buy or lease commercial space, our team can help.

Property Management – Our affiliate company, M3 Management LLC, provides property management services to our investors. Our portfolio of properties that we manage has grown to over 50 properties. We deal with all the challenges of managing a property so that our clients don’t have to. We collect the rent, pay the expense and send the difference to our clients – it’s that simple.

New Home Construction & Renovations - Our New Home Construction and Renovations department is responsible for representing clients in identifying land acquisition opportunities, building, buying and selling new homes and renovating existing homes. Our systems and relationships with the local developers and land owners gives us access to land

Short Sales & Distressed Properties - Many of our agents have received specialized training to handle short sales and distressed properties from both the selling and buying side. If you are in a situation where the value of your home is worth less than your mortgage balance, you have other options besides letting your home get foreclosed on. Our team of bank mediators and attorneys will first attempt to negotiate with the bank to modify your loan. If unsuccessful, then we try to prevent foreclosure through a short sale.